Know the science.  Recognize the "why" behind reading struggles. Watch the Video to Learn More.

Bridge professional development for teachers into classroom success with LETRS®, the only literacy and language course of study backed by more than 30 years of evidence-based research and more than a decade of proven success. No other literacy professional development course of study is as comprehensive or successful in addressing the five essential components of effective reading instruction, plus writing, with a focus on translating research to classroom application.



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LETRS Prepares Teachers to Deliver Quality Instruction

Today, teachers graduate with little preparation for how to teach reading and literacy development effectively. Yet, research demonstrates that approximately one-third of students nationally cannot read at even “basic” levels. Of those who cannot, most will not read without proper instruction.

Make an impact in your district today. The LETRS family of products, which includes LETRS, LETRS for Early Childhood Educators, LETRS Classic, and A Principals' Primer for Raising Reading Achievement, is designed to help you increase literacy skills, change reading outcomes, and set students on a lifelong path to success.




LETRSNew Edition

Grades: Elementary

by Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D., and Carol A. Tolman, Ed.D.

Give your staff the development skills and preparation to be effective at teaching reading—and change the future for your students

New LETRS is flexible literacy professional development for teachers that shows teachers how language, reading, and writing are related to one another and other critical elements that are most effective in improving overall reading outcomes. With embedded video, online assignments, accessible language, and interactive exercises, this new version of LETRS helps educators build a masterful understanding of the science behind reading.


  • Provides a robust online learning experience
  • Integrates assessment considerations and tools for each topic
  • Guides teachers through classroom curriculum development
  • Includes engaging videos that show teachers demonstrating effective instruction
  • Aligns to International Dyslexia Association's Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading
  • Provides excellent preparation for the Structured Literacy Teacher Certification of IDA and the CERI Exam

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LETRS for Early Childhood EducatorsNew Edition

Grades: PreK–K

LETRS for your youngest learners

This professional development for early childhood educators and care providers describes the research behind learning to read and translates the findings into everyday routines and effective practices. The course of study provides literacy professional development for teachers and illustrates how to provide all children with quality learning experiences that are sensitive to their social emotional needs and stimulate language, cognitive, and physical development.

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LETRS for Early Childhoor Educators Cover

LETRS Classic

Grades: K–12

LETRS Classic has helped more than 100,000 educators experience classroom success! Its proven, teacher professional development workshop-based approach connects research to practice using accessible language, interactive exercises, and tireless focus on translating knowledge to classroom practice for grades K–12.

LETRS Classic provides:

  • The ability to partner with schools and districts to customize plans
  • An independently validated approach by researchers
  • Industry experts to assist your course of study

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A Principal's Primer for Raising Reading Achievement

Grades: K–8

Designed for administrators to use with LETRS Classic

Hectic schedules and unpredictable school days leave little time to investigate why students struggle to meet reading achievement milestones. A Principal’s Primer for Raising Reading Achievement saves principals time as it explains exactly how to implement research-based, multi-tier reading instruction throughout a whole school—effectively highlighting systems and structures necessary for school-wide improvement in reading performance.

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LETRS for AdministratorsComing Soon

Grades: K–12

Champion change in your district with LETRS for Administrators. This course combines A Principal’s Primer for Raising Reading Achievement with an online component to help instructional leaders create the systems and structures needed to improve overall literacy instruction in English Language Arts.